Workshop in a box. Perineal repair of 1st 2nd-degree and mediolateral episiotomy

336 EUR

List price 336 EUR

Workshop in a box contains the following:

1. Basic surgical skills suture kit

2. 2nd degree repair trainer.

3. Mediolateral episiotomy repair trainer - with 2 variations.


This Workshop in a Box consists of all the items used at a GynZone workshop. 

Ideal for clinical skills training in midwifery schools and medical faculties.
This kit allows trainees to practice their instrument-handling skills, tension on sutures, and different knot-tying techniques. 

The box contains everything you need to train repair of 1st-degree, 2nd-degree, and mediolateral episiotomy.

•    Needle holder (16 cm), Anatomical forceps (13 cm), Scissors 
•    Allis forceps (set of 2), Pean forceps and Surgical forceps (13 cm)
•    5 sutures 2-0 (36 mm 1/2c needle, 90 cm suture line)
•    5 sutures 3-0 (26 mm 1/2c needle, 70 cm suture line)
•    1 Knot Tying Trainer 
•    1 Labia Repair Model including a perineal skin repair pad 
•    3 Vulva Sketch Pads in three variations: white, brown and black
•    1 Second-degree Perineal Repair Trainer
•    1 Episiotomy Repair Trainer
•    Episiotomy Simulator (2 items, 4 episiotomies in each textile possible)
•    1 white plastic box for storekeeping.


2nd-degree Repair Trainer
This training model has a 2nd-degree laceration on both ends. 
The product can be used for training stitches up to approximately 4 times on each end - a total of 8.

Mediolateral Episiotomy Repair Trainer - with 2 variations.
This product has a mediolateral episiotomy on the right side in one end. 
The other end of the product shows the mediolateral episiotomy to the left side. 
This allows for episiotomy repair in cases where clinicians prefer to perform the episiotomy to either the patient´s right or left side. 
The product can be used for training stitches up to approximately 4 times on each end - total of 8.