Basic Surgical Skills Suture Kit

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This basic surgical skills suture kit is perfect for student midwives and young clinicians. Ideal for clinical skills training in midwifery schools and medical faculties.


This suture kit allows students and clinicians to practice their instrument handling skills, tension on sutures and different knot-tying methods in a safe and dry environment.

The A-stand presents the knot tying at the correct angle and folds down for easy storage.


The Basic surgical skills suture kit contains the following:

  • Instruments: Needle holder (16 cm), Forceps (13 cm), Scissors 
  • 5 sutures 2-0 (36 mm needle)
  • 5 sutures 3-0 (26 mm needle)
  • 1 Suture pad
  • 1 Knot tying trainer
  • 1 Labia repair model
  • 1 Vulva card - showing anatomy of the female genitalia with no lacerations.

    One side shows external anatomy with skin intact.

    The other shows the perineal muscles, skin removed.

  • 1 orange box for store keeping.


Developed by midwife, PhD Sara Kindberg.


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